Sunday 12 January 2014

Inner Artist Guardian Angel Painting

The first main lesson in the Life Book course (that I mentioned last post) was to paint our "inner artist guardian angel" - the guardian that will protect us from our self-criticism, our fears, our negative self-talk etc.  It was also a technique lesson in faces and mixed media backgrounds.  Backgrounds I love, but faces have never been something I have painted much.  In fact the only ones have been in classes at art retreats, in particular with Misty Mawn and DJ Pettit some years back.  They were great classes and I learnt a lot but I didn't do any more after the classes (which of course raises some questions about me I guess!)

Anyway in the spirit of openness that I am now trying to adopt, I had fun with the Life Book exercise and held off my inner critic from having too much impact! Of course I can I see lots of things I'd like to change in the painting (particularly the hair) but I am seeing these as lessons learnt rather than reasons to hide the painting!

And, as a footnote, one of the materials on the supply list for the course was Posca Pens.  (That is what I have used to write my word for 2014 around her throat.) How did I ever live without them??? So lovely and opaque and able to write on so many surfaces! I am now seriously in love with them and fortunately Jacksons sells them, so I don't even have to wait for them to be delivered as we have a store not too far away!  I had a blissful time catching up with my beautiful friend Susie yesterday (hello Jenny too!) and while I talked, I managed to get all of my new pens out of their pesky individual wrappings and to activate them!  A productive use of time given that I am spectacularly uncreative when there is good conversation happening!

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