Sunday 3 July 2011

Mixed Media Fun

I joined in a one-on-one art exchange this month in the Aust Art Sisters Group and made Ness (who doesn't have a blog) this little hanging "quilt".

I guess it is a quilt as it has a front made of fabric pieces (and an image printed on acetate with a paper doily and an old book page trapped behind it), a layer of batting and a fabric batting.  It was a lot of fun to make and I added some beading, laces, buttons, ribbon and a metal embellishment that I painted and personalised.  I love recycling paper bag handles as hangers so that is what I did here with a white bag.

And this is a card (also made to hang) that I made for Alice for her June birthday.  It uses handmade paper, and lace, tape, buttons and rub-ons with machine stitching.  I really love making these collage style mixed media cards - I have a whole pile in varying states of completion.

I was in Albany again for work a week ago and here are some pictures of bird activity during my dawn walk (I actually prefer walking after work but it was too dark by the time we finished for the day so I substituted a very fresh and invigorating morning walk!).
Lots of seagulls flying from the left

They all landed a little further down on the jetty.
Virtually single file - and they were making a racket!

I've seen lines of birds on a wire before...