Sunday 8 May 2011

A Mixed Bag - Paintings, Collage and Photos of Perth!

This blog post can only be described as a mixed bag!
Finished (I think!)
Early progress photo
Later progress...
With letter stencilling added
Nearly finished...only highlights to go
First off - a painting I recently completed (I've started about 20 since the painting weekend with Flora Bowley).  It is a small scale painting using learnings and inspiration from Flora's teachings (which are for large scale paintings).  I've included a few progress photos  (underneath the finished painting) to show how it developed.  The last layers involved considerable use of stencils, masks and Tattered Angels Spray products!

Jen's Collage
I recently purchased this lovely collage from Jen (over in the east) and it arrived in the mail on Friday.  

I love the wrapping and the gorgeous laminated bookmarks Jen sent with it (almost as much as I love the collage)! I always have several books "on the go" so bookmarks are always appreciated around here.
And here are some of the many photos I took earlier in the week from the roof of Perth's Central Park building.

This is the new BHP building and it is going to be at least as tall as Central Park.  I look out onto this building (from a lot lower down) and it is just fascinating watching a huge building get built!)  You can see the shadow silhouette of our building in this photo.
PS I was going to add captions to them all but just getting all the photos loaded has taken ages! Email me if you have any questions (Perth really is a pretty city).

Wednesday 4 May 2011

My Day!

Just a quick post to share an experience I had today.  I work in the tallest building in Perth (currently the 7th tallest in Australia) and today was the day when I was one of a small group that had the once-a-month opportunity for "tenants" to take a roof top tour 51 floors above the ground.  It was fantastic - Perth is such a pretty city anyway with Kings Park, the Swan River, Darling Scarp and lots of greenery but it was pretty special to have such a bird's eye view (I work on a floor much lower down).  To make it even better it was a lovely crisp and sunny autumn day.  I took 40+ photos so once I edit them I'll post some here but in the meantime this is a colleague's snap of me "on the edge" overlooking the Swan River and South Perth.  (And I'll admit that the claustrophobia of the very fast goods lift was worse for me than the height issues once we got onto the roof.)