Friday 1 January 2010

About my Unscheduled Blogging Break...

Just popping in to say that my life has taken an unexpected but very exciting turn which means that I don't have any time for blogging. We are moving back to Perth early in 2010 so we are using every spare moment to de-clutter and prepare our house of the last ten years for sale. Joseph has a job transfer and Zach is starting uni in February so it is suddenly up to me to find a job in Perth too! I am really hopeful that I will be able to arrange something (quickly!) with my current employer but I am of course looking at all the options. What we are discovering is that you suddenly "see" your home differently when you know it is going to be seen by a potential buyer's eyes - we have a lovely home but suddenly the backlog of maintenance seems so obvious!

So you can guess how I have spent the last couple of weeks - firstly packing up my art/craft rooms so that I can get in there to re-paint and then of course the actual painting. I had forgotten how much it hurts my neck to paint above my head height and guess what else - I had forgotten just how much "stuff" I have accumulated and how it very quickly translates to an enormous number of cartons!! If I had more time I would try and thin it out but unfortunately I am going to have to try and do most of that at the other end. The whole exercise of packing it all up has made me really want to streamline and to establish some focus in my art - it is crazy to want to try everything and to buy supplies for every style and technique that appeals to me! I need to face facts - I would need another five lifetimes, at least, to do justice to my acquisitions to date and I certainly would need to give up my day job and that is not going to happen in the short term!

So exciting times ahead - I am so looking forward to living in Perth after our 16 years plus in Kalgoorlie - to be close to friends and family (and the coast!!) again but of course there are also moments when I think of what we will miss here - this place has been good to us and for us!

I'll pop in occasionally to provide updates but there won't be any art to share for a little while (but can you imagine just how hungry I will be to get my new space set-up and functioning!!) The only blog I am reading at the moment is this one!!

Happy 2010 to you all!!