Sunday, 20 September 2009

There is Nothing Quite Like Sea Air!

Earlier this week I had to go to the town of Esperance for work purposes and what a blessing that was! There is nothing quite like sea air (and beautiful views and the feel of the ocean and beach sand between your toes) and when you live inland your appreciation of it quadruples (at least!).

Esperance is on the southern coast of Western Australia and can often be very windy (all those southerly winds blowing straight up from Antarctica) with fast changing weather conditions but on Monday we arrived in time for a pre-sunset walk along the town bay promenade and the old long jetty. Totally glorious - no wind and a beautiful clear sky. The first photo is the view as we stepped onto the jetty and the next is the view on the way back down the jetty.

The next day showers were forecast for the late afternoon so we decided a lunch time walk was essential. We took our (late) lunch and went out to Twilight Cove which is a short drive out of the town. It was getting a bit windy but it was mesmerisingly beautiful and it was lovely to walk on the beach.
The clouds came in a bit earlier than expected though and we had a faster walk back to the car than expected. It started raining shortly afterwards and yet looking at these pictures from 45 minutes earlier, it is hard to imagine!

At the bottom of this post there are a few other photos taken from the town lookout first thing that morning.

On the arty/crafty scene I have not had a chance to do a real lot but I have some things in progress - my red inchies (nine different types in lots of nine), an altered book, some ATCs and my Calendar Girl September postcard. Yesterday I had a lot of fun using various sprays and some glimmer mist masks/stencils - I set myself up outside so it wouldn't matter if I made a mess - and I did of course. I might even do some more today (on fabric perhaps) as it is another lovely spring day here again!

This is one spread I have completed in Samm's Altered Book "Through the Window/Still Life". I think I have finished it although I may of course change my mind before it is time to post it on to Jacky! I think the arch window frame looks less "prominent" in real life - or at least I hope it does. I'll probably finish the spread beneath it today so I'll post a picture in my next post.

This week I have received a gorgeous leaf themed fabric postcard from an exchange with Leah in Texas. And Leah included an unusual card (by Sandra Donato) and one of her own funky mixed media ATCs. It makes me feel joyful just looking at it!

This week I am heading to Wiluna for a couple of days - the opposite direction to last week - so bush, red dirt and eagles will replace the waves, sand and seagulls of last week. Contrasts!!

Photos of Esperance and surrounds from the town lookout.


Sam Marshall said...

Gorgeous photos, Debbi. I love all the art work, too, especially, `Joyful.'

Jenxo said...

such a beautiful part of the world debbi, nice for you to have change..... love the art tooo....jenxo

Queen Of Toys said...


This has to be one of the most beautiful places in Australia, my parents favourtie place in the whole country. Everytime I look at photos of this place I think of them. They would constantly return there for holidays. Thanks for the happy memories of my mum.

Sue McGettigan said...

My goodness those photos of Esperance just make me want to jump on a plane!!! Glad you had the chance to be near the ocean for a while, it's so uplifting.

Modern home designs said...

Wonderful pictures! Sounds like the work trip has been both enjoyable and fun.

Have a great day!