Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Start of a 4 Day Weekend!

It is a long weekend here in Western Australia this weekend and I am very fortunate in having an extra day off on Tuesday, making it a four day weekend - what bliss. I think I am going to need it though just to do what I would normally do in a two day weekend as I have had an allergic reaction to something this week since I got home from my work trip to Wiluna and Leonora. I am operating rather below par at the moment (although my swollen and numbed face and lips have gone down a lot thank goodness). This is the second time in just over a month and something I haven't experienced before, so I'm trying to work out what I have been in contact with (or eaten) that might do this to me!

I finished off my pages in Samm's altered book this week and I did end up adding something to the first spread - the textiva dragonfly that I recently made! You can just see it peeking through the arched window on the left side. The arch is painted with Lumiere paint and then stamped and sponged with black ink. The light has obviously hit the textiva at a different angle as the colour is completely different to the previous view as seen here. The green pages are painted with acrylics and gloss medium using the plastic wrap technique (a favourite for quick interesting backgrounds).

And this is another little lock and key ATC I made this week for a trade with Sephi. It is a bit blurry as I was too slack to pull out my camera and made do with the scanner. The little keyhole was a bit too dimensional for that to work well!

I have been puttering away with my red fabric inchies and I am also working on my September Calendar Girl postcard so I'll have some pictures to share soon. I have actually pulled out my Embellisher for the first time in months and I am really enjoying making my postcard with it using stretchy velvet, commercial felt and some beautiful wool. More tomorrow...


Jenxo said...

oh Debbi, your allergy sounds awful, hope you can figure out what is causing it..........i had that once when the girls were both in nappies and my eyes were slits lol lucky noone got punctured.
hope the rest of yournlong weekend is wonderful and am enjoying the art ....

Anonymous said...

Debbi , have you by any chance been touching old photographs? My Mum gets a similar reaction (very swollen lips and face, last time with breathing difficulties) from - I think it's silver nitrate, one of the older chemicals used to process photos. Weird allergy but she can avoid it mostly by wearing gloves when she has to handle old pics!

Whatever yours is, I hope you recover quickly and are able to find the cause!


Hi Deb
hope the allergy settles soon and you at least work out what the problem was.OH my I love the texture the Cuttlebug folder gives in the bg of your gorgeous ATC's here.I have so wanted that folder since I saw it for pre order on a USA site and here you have it already in Kalgoorlie LOL.Mine has just been ordered.