Sunday, 13 September 2009

So What Have I Been Up To?

Just a bit of this and a bit of that! First off I finished my "key" themed ATCs for the first swap with a small local group of friends. I used my latest Cuttlebug embossing folder (Ironwork), metal tape and black gesso for my background. So glad I bought this folder - it is a lovely detailed image. The keyholes on my ATCs are Collections Chipboard which I have painted with my beloved Lumiere paints and the keys are from "Life's Journey" but I have coloured them using my Krylon silver leafing pen.

My swapping partners (Renaye, Christine and Meagan ) outdid themselves with their ATCs and I am thrilled to have these ATCs in my growing collection! Our next theme is Halloween so I am going to have to put my thinking cap on...

I have been playing with angelina fibres, textiva (fusible film) and opals/utee etc. These two "fabrics" are so much more ethereal and sparkly than they look as I had to scan them on calico.

They have little organza snippings and mini sequins mixed in with the angelina fibres. I think I will be cutting out shapes from the fabric to make mini embellishments or maybe just layering them as a background on fabric ATCs.

This is an embellishment made with two sheets of textiva with angelina fibres in the middle. The sheets are laid on an inked stamp, covered with a teflon sheet and ironed until the textiva does what textiva is made to do! I've trimmed it and love its sparkly transparency (you can see how transparent it is in the scan as the fabric underneath clearly shows through the dragonfly). It would be even better with a more open stamp - mine has a bit too much detail so too much of the ink shows. The result looks quite blue in the scan but it changes a lot depending on the angle.

I am also making a page in Samm's "Through the Window/Still Life" themed Altered Book so I covered a Collections chipboard arch with various thick embossing enamels and textiva. It ended up being multi-layered as I wasn't happy with the earlier results! And now I am going to go and sit at my desk and enjoy the last of the day's beautiful sunlight and work on the book.

PS I have a stunning piece of art to share ("Art of the Month" from Marlene over in Queensland) but I have to get a good photo first! I am away for the next few days with work again (but this time I am heading to the coast instead of the desert!) but I will post it when I get back.

Wishing you a wonderful week,


Anonymous said...

I have followed you blog (via Google reader) for a while and love your work. Just wanted to say that I love you lock and key ATCs.

Sam Marshall said...

The ATCs look fantastic!! I love the folder.

kelsey said...

Love your key atc's Debbi, Ironworks is a great embossing folder isn't it! The ones you received are wonderful too!

We've just got the Angelina Fibres in the shop and one of my students made a fantastic atc trapping the Angelina fibres between laminating sheets with an image...absolutely AWESOME!!!

Jenxo said...

love the key atcs, the embossed background looks stunning.your experiments with the angelina look wonderful...jenxo

kiwicarole said...

Hi Debbi! Your atc's are gorgeous, your ironwork cuttlebug thingy? is really great, makes the perfect background. I also like your dragonfly, I like the fine black lines through the wings, is that the ink from the stamp?
Carole ;)

drmarty62 said...

Oh my heavens Debbie
Those ATCs are wonderful. Just love that folder. I'm still waiting for mine.
Your work is beautiful

sharon young said...

Just love the key ATC's and the dragonfly is beautiful
hope you had a good week.

Genevieve said...

Love the dragonfly with the angelina fibres - I don't play with these enough. Also love the keys ATC with the ironwork embossing folder - another one I'll have to get!