Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Calendar Girl Postcards

I decided to make my Calendar Girl postcard for this month as early as possible so I started it this weekend just gone, doing the finishing touches last night. The Erika Oller painting (pictured below) which is this month's inspiration just didn't "do it" for me in terms of any wonderful ideas for surface embellishment etc, but I really liked the soft colours so decided to focus on them and the heart shape.

I printed the image out on A4 size paper and cut it into varying width strips. Once it was woven together, I backed it with a lovely green organza (to show in the little gaps between the strips) and Pellon stabiliser and did some machine stitching in a basic grid to keep it altogether. This is what it looked like at this stage -

Next I coated it with gel medium and adhered white netting across the top to make my own version of a fabric paper. I cut out the postcard-sized bit I liked best and sprayed it with a blue Glitz Spritz for some glimmer!

White sequins and lemon seed beads form the heart shape. I decided to edge the postcard a bit differently this time so used a small but thick blanket machine stitch. Even with the calico backing the card is a bit transparent if held up to the light and I really like that effect!

And I have just realized that I haven't posted a picture of the beautiful Calendar Girl postcard I received from Val for July - here it is - isn't it gorgeous. Look here for more details!


Julia said...

Oh Debbie, Such a lovely rendition of a fav painting, what a wonderful journey to go on creatively...Love the effect at the end, being a little transparent as well...
Thank you for sharing your artistic techniques..yumm...xx

Nia said...

This is really beautiful Debbi. I love the way you have used the paper instead of fabric. Thanks for sharing it with us. More ideas to try!!!!

Jenxo said...

oh lovely Debbi , i think you have captured it beautifully.Love the one you recieved too jenxo

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

thats a VERY interesting idea, to print out a picture and cut it into strips then weave it back together. thanks for sharing your process. what pretty colors!

also i saw the green postcard you sent carol mcfee (textile tales) and i really liked it!

i would love to trade a postcard or ATC with you.