Monday, 3 August 2009

My New (Big!) Pincushion

(My 15 year old pincushion - looking pretty tatty now!)

About fifteen years ago (maybe more) I had a crafting blitz making pincushions in little baskets. I made several miniature ones as gifts and a larger one for my own use. That pincushion is still going strong but looks pretty tatty compared to all the beautiful ones I am seeing on the net these days!
(A Christmas scrap fabric wreath from a craft period quite some years ago!)

While I was thinking about making myself a beautiful new one I decided I would need to make it quite large as I like to have lots of pins available and also plenty of space for needles, including all those pesky threaded ones that so easily get in a tangle! Not long after this I was cleaning out a cupboard and found the fabric Christmas wreath I made at about the same time as the original pincushions.

(My very large new pincushion - the Christmas wreath turned over -
a variation on the turning over a new leaf approach!)

And it suddenly hit me - turn it over and use it as a giant pincushion!! Not beautiful or fancy but it works great and I can even hang it on a chair or on the wall to get it out of the way. Re-purposing - I love it!

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Jenxo said...

gosh , those crafts bring back memories!! jenxo