Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bits & Pieces...

Just a quick post tonight - can't believe it is already Thursday, where did this week go??

This is my first go at making a fused plastic bag ATC. It is for a trade with Jen. It was good fun although I had a bit of trouble getting my paints to stay on the plastic! Expect to see more ATCs made from these experiments as I have a lot of painted plastic surfaces sitting on my desk!

And this ATC arrived today from the prolific cross-stitching Anne (no blog) n France - this was the ATC she sent me for our latest trade. I think this is my favourite from Anne (so far!) - gorgeous bright colours and such lovely delicate work plus beading!!

As a result of a recent ATC trade with Margaret, Cynthia Peck contacted me and we also traded ATCs. And I now have my first digital ATCs -and I love them!! I have no desire at this stage to make them myself but I respect and enjoy the tremendous skill and artistry involved in making them and Cynthia's are beautiful.

My friend Annie has shared her latest napkin purchase with me - this is a really lovely napkin - love that pattern in the corner!

And to share what else is happening in my life - I received this gorgeous little metal covered "book" this week from Julie. We are participating in a small Aussie Altered Book Round Robin and I am really looking forward to it as I haven't done an AB for ages. I forgot to take pictures of mine before sending it off so I will have to just share the whole lot at the end when it comes back to me! Julie's theme is "Forest Industry" and I am thinking about what I will do for my pages this weekend...Don't you just love Julie's presentation!

Other things that are happening - I have managed to temporarily forget my horror of repetition and I have signed up for my first ever calendar swap! I picked January as my month so I could do bright and sunny summer pages (given that it is a West Australian swap and January is a summer month) or maybe vintage bathing beauty pages. I am also running another fabric inchie swap with Annie on Aus_NZartquilters and this time we are doing RED inchies so I guess inchies are going to feature here rather a lot again for a while!


Jenxo said...

oohh Debbi i love it.....i didnt have any trouble with the paint sticking but maybe you should seal it first...glad you had play with it, so nice to see your take on it.
I just recieved some off cynthias didital atc in mail and i luurve them for the exact same reasons and they are lovely and bright bright too.... jenxo


Hi ya Deb
just had a big catch up here and OMG I so love all your posts.The quilt your Mum made you is just so wonderful and made me nearly cry at all the work and sentiment she has put into it for you...what an amazing piece of art and so very special.No wonder you are talented Deb :o)
Annette In Oz