Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Saturday Catch-up Post!

This week has just flown by and here we are at our Australia Day long weekend already!! That means we are 1/12th of the way to Christmas 2009!! Yikes...

My friend Annie get together most Wednesday evenings in her gorgeous stand-alone studio and our intention is to be creative but to also chat and share things we have just received or bought. In 2008 we got a little bit slack in the creative area so we are actively setting a goal for Wednesday nights this year. Two weeks ago we decided to work with felt, specifically the little dimensional daisy moulds made by Clover that Annie had bought us. I found that my daisies were too dimensional (or maybe just too big) for my taste (I couldn't think what to use them on) so I needle-felted mine onto craft felt so I can use them as postcards, or patches on bags etc). These are some of my recent felt experiments including a few of those daisies. I can see with a bit of practice I'd get a better result!

This week we played with alcohol inks - on white gloss, silver card, black gloss, acetate, gloss laminate chips, metal tape, tins etc. Lots of fun and some nice backgrounds resulted. I have made a fair bit of progress on one of those white handled tins but I won't post a picture until I finish it. These are some scans of my backgrounds.

(on a gloss laminate chip)

(on white gloss card)

(on white gloss, silver card and black gloss card)

(on acetate and metal tape)

This week I received some great mail. Firstly my Calendar Girl postcard for January from Sandy. This is the calendar page (Shane Pickett painting) we are using as our inspiration this month. Sandy has created the postcard with felt and a little stitching and it is a lovely soft and dreamy result.

Due to a little mix-up my postcard was first sent to Pat so when Pat sent it on to me she included this lovely ATC she had made from tissue paper, lace and a stitched transparency. So pretty!

I am also participating in a Surface Design Technique ATC exchange and the first two ATCs have arrived. The first is from Marga Korioth who made this terrific little painted and embellished holder for her beautiful painted, beaded and stitched ATC. I love the frayed edges.

The second one came from Michelle Bonds and is an incredible example of Michelle's "take" on Beryl Taylor's UTEE on fabric technique. Michelle has stitched and painted on the UTEE and the result is wonderful.

Now I am off to do some creating of my own.


Jenxo said...

hI Debbi, its so nice to get togetehr with friends and have a play/ Your experiments look really intersting and im sure will come in very handy. i like your recieved atcs but that last one, wow!! its gorgeous.
I got spoilt and got Beryl Taylors book for Christmas. Have read it cover to cover but not done any yet! jenxo

Jodene said...

Just playing catch up on your blog! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. I love those alcohol ink backgrounds!

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the backgrounds Debbie, the patterns look fabulous.
The atc's are great too.