Thursday, 15 January 2009

2009 Calendar Girls - January

For 2009 the Calendar Girls have made some changes. We have a couple of new members and this time each of us is choosing a calendar page as inspiration for a particular month. This month it was my turn and I selected my favourite Shane Pickett painting " Wanyarang Storm Against the Wind" which was used in a calendar celebrating the wonderful array of Australian Indigenous art. I love this painting on several levels - the colours really really grab me (and they are the colours I live with here on the edge of the desert), the texture and subtle movement really really appeal and then I just love the pureness and abstractness of the image. So with all this inspiration, what did I make!?

Shane Pickett " Wanyarang Storm Against the Wind"

In the end, after considering many options, I used fabric, house paint, texture paste, multiple layers of acrylic paint and glimmer mists and metallic rub-ons to make my interpretative fabric postcard (based on my recent learnings from the wonderful FibreIn Form online workshop in Textured Surfaces). In an effort not to be too literal, I used miniature white eyelets to create the two rows of white dots. What was I thinking? They are awful to use at the best of time but in a textured fabric base and en masse they are quadruply awful. These was much gnashing of teeth and abandoned use of a hammer but submission of sorts was achieved. The texture paste was used on top of the household paint with a circular stencil to create the swirling movements of the storm and the texture on the earth.

Look here (it is the first of the textured surfaces) to see what the fabric looked like with its first layers of paint and then below is what it looked like before I trimmed it to postcard size (that was hard as I liked it that size!) and added the final layers.


Carol said...

Absolutely stunning Debbi,

Jenxo said...

Debbi, it beautiful, The eyelets make it really pop, but im with you , i hate putting them into thick stuff, as i am always scared once i punch that hole and it doesnt work ive ruined it. think its s good idea for you all to have a mix of calendars. There are some beautiful ones out there....jenxo

JuliaRose said...

Hi Deb, This is so great...I love that you used the eyelets, but you must be very patient as I can see how difficult it would have been, I love the edging, and the look is of old vintage leather...xx

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.