Friday, 16 January 2009

The Simple Abundance Path

(Fibre ATC from Clara Lloveras)

Many years ago (I think it was around 1995 or 1996) a childhood friend who has lived the last 20+ years in the US sent me a copy of Sarah Ban Breathnach's book "Simple Abundance - A Day Book of Comfort and Joy". At the time I was not happy and couldn't work out why as I could tick all those happiness boxes (you know, health, husband and kids, rewarding job, somewhere to live, something to eat...)

Anyway it was a life-changing experience and I feel as though I personally "know" Sarah as I have, over the years, bought copies of her book for several people and re-read my own many times. For the first few years I read a page a day each year (for anyone who doesn't know the book, it has a reading for each day) and then I moved to reading it every second year. Last year was an "off" year and by the end of the year I could really tell that I NEEDED to read it again in 2009.

It is one of those books that has an extensive bibliography and it has led me to many wonderful books that I doubt I would have come across otherwise, but the reason I constantly re-read it is because it centres me and it makes me confront my current thinking. I don't agree with everything or follow all of Sarah's rituals but I really do believe in this book.

Anyway I am back reading it on a daily basis and it is already working its magic on my thinking! I can't remember whether I posted about my word for 2009 (a la Christine Kane's Resolution Revolution) but it is SERENITY and I have realised today that reading Simple Abundance really does help me practise it (serenity, that is). Today I also started my Gratitude Journal for 2009 and I had no trouble thinking of five things I am grateful for. Another of Sarah's recommendations is to keep an Illustrated Discovery Journal to help us identify our personal preferences. In the past I have "sort-of" started this and faded out fast but I think this year I may just do it as I am enjoying art journaling and can see that I can do it "my way". I think my resistance comes from my fear of having to actually decide exactly what it is I want in my life. Which is pretty stupid when I really think about it as I really do "know" it, I just haven't always articulated it (and don't like explaining it!)

So if you haven't ever read the book, I recommend it. I'll probably post about it again!

Today's mail brought this lovely fibre ATC at the top of this post. I did a one-on-one trade with Clara Lloveras in Spain. I thought it was an abstract until I read the title (Zebra) on the back and thought to look at it in landscape orientation! I had automatically looked at it in portrait. Thanks Clara - I love the simple abundance of it!


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