Friday, 12 December 2008

What happens when...

I think I have forgotten how to blog!! This is what happens when (a) you just get TOOOO busy, (b) your computer dies and (c) you are mostly working on stuff you can't blog about!!

BUT I am going to blog about a 12 Days of Christmas project that I am participating in this year - I think the first art exchange based on this concept was started by Lelainia N. Lloyd and you can see her current year's project here.

Anyway the project I am involved in is based in Australia and I am one of the lucky participants. We have each made gifts for the other eleven participants so that we each have a gift to open on the 12 days before Christmas Day. Unfortunately I am going to be away from home and without computer access for some of the days but I will catch up with the gift opening when I get back!

The picture at the top is what the other eleven gifts look like all sitting pretty in a basket waiting for the 1st day of Christmas (I haven't wrapped my own gift which is for day 10 although I did make myself one!). Don't they look gorgeous?!

We start opening them tomorrow and I promise to post a picture!!


Jenxo said...

What a lovely idea.. i bet their are lots of lovely treasures in them.....jenxo

Sam Marshall said...

They look beautiful!

Danielle D said...

What a gorgeous basket of goodies! I hope you have a great time opening them all.