Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Second Day of Christmas

And on the second day of Christmas I opened another beautiful packaged gift. This one was from Dot Christian and inside I found this delightful little Dotee winged-being nestling on a bed of beautiful copper shreds. (Dot - those gorgeous little velvet leaves make the sweetest wings!!)

Needless to say I am sitting here with a smile on my face and thinking about the wonders of art friendships that have come about and grown as a result of the web! Just amazing.

I also have to apologise for all the lovely bloggers who have passed on awards and tags to me over the last five or six weeks - I have been very remiss in acknowledging them. and passing them on. I really do appreciate them and I have to apologise for finding myself in a situation where I just don't have the time to do anything about them. Hopefully your other nominees were more organised!!


Dia said...

She's so lovely - what a delightful idea!! I found a sweet advent 'kalender' on another blog, with all the little bags similar to this one, hanging from branches - around a nisse (elf)!!
I want to do this next year!!

Thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbi!
Such wonderful treats from the girls!! Dot and JAcky just seem to outdo themselves every time!!!!I was thrilled to open the latest issue of Sew Somerset and see all of the loveliness created by YOU!!! It is so much fun to see friends popping up in these mags- Great job!! Well done!!!!!
Have a wonderful Visiting Christams- Travel safely my frined and all of the beat for a wonderful New Year!!
Christams Hugs!

Dot said...

Hi Debbi

So glad you like your little Christmas bug! I thought the velvet leaves would work perfectly for their wings.
This has been a great swap.

Merry Christmas to you.

Dot xx