Monday, 15 December 2008

The Third Day of Christmas

Well it is day three of our little Christmas exchange and today's gift is very different! It is a wonderful little "Creativity Crone" made by the lovely Ruth Kelly. A little accompanying note explains that the Creativity Crone (or if you prefer, a Helping Hag!!) will ensure a constant flow of creative ideas if she is popped into our studios!! Fantastic idea Ruth - very creative!!

This was how this gift looked before I demolished the wrapping!

And to finish this post - a little Christmas themed ATC I made last night. Finally using up some of the many shaving cream backgrounds I made a couple of years ago!


Sam Marshall said...

Love the cool ATC. The Creativity Crone is sweet!

MÂȘ Clara Lloveras said...

Hello from Spain.
I have discovered your blog and is very pretty!

I also make ATc`s, you want to make an trade with me?

Maria Clara.

Dia said...

What a lovely ATC - I'm joining a group her come January! & love the little Creativity Crone :)
Did you see my nisse & car (blessing) star? I've made little dolls like 'dotties' for a number of years - fun to see the one you received!

Danielle D said...

Wow, how did three days go by so fast? But what gorgeous treasures, too. I love Ruth's crone.

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, you received some fabulous stuff. Lucky you!
I especially love the Klimt Angel.

Happy Holidays!


artisbliss said...

I've had fun looking at your 12 Days of Christmas exchange things. What a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbi -
I received your ATCs in the mail today, and they're simply STUNNING!!! They're even greater than I imagined!! Thanks so much for the extras - they all get prime placement in my collection! :)
- Katherine (Ann Arbor, MI)