Saturday, 6 December 2008

December Calendar Girl Postcard

I am immersed in sorting out my computer (and the room it which it is located!). Having to reload programs and generally sort myself out has made me realize how much "stuff" I have held on to. So Zach and I have had a blitz today and chucked out all the disks and programs and manuals that had piled up over the years. We took it a bit further and did some general reorganisation and although I am feeling tired and cranky that I have "wasted" my day (at least in terms of creative play time) I can see that we achieved a lot and that it will be worth it.

Anyway last weekend I made my December Calendar Girl postcard for Doreen. This month we had the option of moving away from the calendar picture inspiration and making a Christmas themed postcard so that is what I did.

The postcard is based on a piece of canvas and is covered with beeswax to adhere the various layers of vintage sheet music, a Christmas serviette and mulberry paper. I have added some gold sequin stars and of course, stitched the edges.

Tonight we have my work Christmas party and tomorrow afternoon I am catching the train to Perth for my bridesmaid dress fitting on Monday morning. I catch the train back on Monday afternoon so I will be a bit quiet blog-wise for the next couple of days (again!). The train trip is close to seven hours each way so I will need to take a good book and maybe a bit of stitching to keep me entertained!

And to share some art received - look at this gorgeous Christmas postcard I received from my friend Annie. She has used her embellisher to create a gorgeous Christmas tree - it is even nicer when seen for real!


Jenxo said...

Debbi,good to see you back online. Know what you mean about doing the computer clean up. I intend a big cleanup after Christmas. Art time is so precious i hate spending any spare time on these sorts of things too.
love your postcard, love the layers. nice card too!jenxo

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Debbi,
Love your beautiful postcard. The Christmas Tree art is lovely, too.
Good luck with the computer stuff.