Monday, 2 June 2008

A Little Book of Birds

(From top left, clockwise - pages by Keron Lee, Jo Wholohan,
Shirley Howard, Abby Evans, Jacky Williams and Kasha Rolley)

While over in Melbourne for the Art Retreat, a group of us participated in an "art party" one night at Keron's and we all made little bird themed pages to exchange with each other. We were intending to all get our book covers made and the books bound that night but some of us, including me, were a bit too dazed (or excited to be meeting so many people that had previously only been names and fellow bloggers) to get it all done!

I will get mine finished sometime soon but in the meantime here are the nine little pages of sweetness that will form my book. They all have some space on the left side for binding and I am still trying to decide what my binding will be. I tend to use big rings usually as I like my books to open up flat for display.

(From top to bottom, pages by me, Abby Evans and Gaye Todd)

And here is a photo of the lights that can be seen from Keron's front verandah at late dusk. What a beautiful view! I think I would be camped out on the verandah most of the time.


artisbliss said...

What a wonderful idea! These bird pages are great.

Sue Smith said...

They look superb... what a keep sake. I'm so happy for you, that you had such a fab time away!

Jacky said...

Hi Debbi, I took in that view from Keron's verandah as I was leaving after our 'Art Party'...absolutely beautiful!

Your birdie pages have photographed so well, I can wait to see how you bind them (as I need some inspiration for mine...would love to do a binding in the Traci Bautista style...could be cute???

Sue McGettigan said...

What a fab little book - love your page!

Helena said...

Oh I love this!
Thanks for the inspiration!!

Keron Lee said...

I am glad that you have fond memories Debbi & that you were able to share one of our fabulous sunsets, you interstaters bought lovely weather with you, it's pretty dismal now! xKeron