Monday, 2 June 2008

Take It Further - May

I can't remember whether I have blogged much about the May "Take It Further" Challenge but Sharon had challenged us all to think about what we call ourselves artistically speaking. Sharon says that if you can't define what it is you do, then how can you expect others to understand or respect what you do. I have been thinking about it on and off all month but I was struggling to come up with anything that translated into a fabric, paper or mixed media format and I had just about got to the point where I was going to drop out of the whole thing (especially as the alternative challenge was a pastel coloured palette which didn't grab me at all).

BUT this morning I woke up and knew immediately what the problem was - I hate labels and I don't really feel much inclination or need to really explain just what it is that I do when I disappear into my craft or sewing rooms. So this is my response to this month's challenge - I've painted a piece of canvas, stamped it with flourishes and written out my thoughts using my favourite white gel pen (remind me next time that canvas is not the best surface to write on!). The canvas has been machine stitched to a black backing.

And I feel liberated! May is finished and I didn't compromise on my own thinking just to get something made for the challenge. Now for June, which I think is even harder - this time Sharon has asked us to make our challenge piece on the idea of "stories that are and stories that are possible". She has used the concept of a fabric stash and all the stories and possibilities contained in those fabrics and I for one, may just have to use that as my inspiration...And once again the alternative challenge is a colour palette that doesn't in any way inspire me - or at least not at this stage.

And now for a bit of fun - here is my May piece with alternative hue/saturation effects! I like all of them better than my original!


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi Debbi
I agree. No explanations necessary.

Doreen G said...

You a one smart cookie Debbi

artisbliss said...

Good for you for declining to be boxed in, Debbi.

Sue Smith said...

I completely agree... I'm not into labels either. I really struggle with this at school, when students are labelled and put into some type of box.

Jacky said...

Great idea, I'm not good with labels either.
Very innovative and I love your flourishes and lettering!

freebird said...

Super! Labels tell us something but too often they don't tell enough and that is one of two problems with them. The other is that people then measure you against them and too often you come up short since we can't be everything.

Sue McGettigan said...

Ooh gorgeous, I have to say I LOVE the lime green, but truly Debbi your red original is wonderful! I'm glad you found a way to complete the challenge without caving on your principles, this is what usually happens for me when I'm journaling, the true root of my thoughts pops out when faced with a challenge like this, it's a great process :) I like the new color scheme, I bet you do something fabulous with it!

Purple Missus said...

No, your original one is still a lovely colour but its a good way of seeing if the same design would look good in other colourways.
And you have got a label *LOL*
'The most prolific maker/blogger out there' - except of course when you go away and forget to tell us :))