Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Fabulous Fibre ATC from Kiwi Carole!

The good mail continues - today I received this beautiful ATC trade from Carole. It is made of silk paper, oil sticks, angelina and stitching. What's more it came wrapped in lovely orange silk paper (fusion) with a lovely yarn tying it all up. The envelope (which was a bit lumpy) was opened up by Australian Customs but they sealed it up nicely and sent it on safe and sound, so no complaints!

Good news in this part of the world - my son will be home from uni for a few days next week and my Mum is coming to stay for a couple of weeks! I love family time! Lots of smiling happening here...Zach is smiling too as his exams are finished and he is counting down the weeks to the end of the semester. Year 12 and the looming TEE are a trial for everyone I think!!


Melusine said...

Beautiful ATC - very inspiring.

sharon young said...

Lovely ATC, what great cheerful colours.
have a wonderful time with your family.