Thursday, 12 June 2008

A Purple Missus Stunner!

Today's mail bought this absolutely stunning Calendar Girl Postcard from Lynda Monk (Purple Missus). It was my month to receive Lynda's postcard in the Calendar Girl Exchange and I had seen it on the CG blog but in real life it is even better!! Read about the techniques and symbolism here - it is well worth it.
And this was the second day in a row I had received overseas mail that had been opened and inspected by Australian Customs! Both times there was, of course, no problem with the contents so the envelope was resealed, with an explanatory pamphlet included and then delivered, but I can honesty say in all the years I have received international mail this has probably only happened to me a dozen times, so two days in a row is particularly noticeable!!


Jacquelines blog said...

Lucky you, is it normal that the post opens packages? I never heard of it overhere.

sharon young said...

I knew you'd love it, Debbi, it looks fantastic.
What bad luck to be targeted 2 days in a row, it's never happened to me, but then again, before blogging I never had any international mail LOL