Monday, 17 December 2007

The Jigsaw is Finally Finished!

Well yesterday I managed to finally (!!) finish my second lot of jigsaw pieces for the swap that I messed up first time round. Fortunately everyone has been very patient waiting for me. This is a blurry photo of the finished pieces altogether. I will upload scans of the individual pieces tomorrow. I am so relieved to have them finished - the need to do them has been hanging over me!

Other things I finished yesterday - a Lutradur/Lace and Beading ATC for a trade with Bina in Israel (at the bottom of this post), the tag to go with Vicci's Square Deco (back above, front below) and my January postcard for the Calendar Girls (which I will post tomorrow). I am away for a couple of weeks over Christmas so unfortunately will have to skip the various blog challenges for a while, particularly as I just don't have any spare time this week before we go away.


Jen Crossley said...

Oh Debbie Your Jigsaw is just beautiful,as is all your work
ps # 1 fan

sharon young said...

I second Jen's comment, an amazing piece of work!
So much detail, no wonder it took a while.
Gorgeous tag and ATC, must get round to trying the Lutrador.

Natalie B said...

Debbi, just gorgeous and totally worth the wait. I bet you are relieved, but honestly it is just beautiful. Yum can't wait to receive my pieces.

katelnorth said...

I still love this jigsaw idea, though I think it would be hard to organise. But I might just do one for myself, as I think the finished product is fab.

Elizabeth said...

This Jigsaw puzzle is amazing!! I just love it!!