Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A Northern Hemisphere Christmas Postcard

Today's post brought this wonderful mixed media Christmas postcard from Kate North - it is just gorgeous! Thanks Kate.

I have been posting here recently about my first attempt at the January Postcard for the Calendar Girls challenge and this is my finished effort. The beauty of starting early is that it gives me a chance to reflect on it and do another one in January if I get some better ideas! Since the last picture I have added beading to the flower centre, glossed over the whole flower with Antique Dimensional Magic and added backing and finishing to the edges.

And as I am celebrating the completion of the jigsaw, here are scans of some of the pieces:

"Beauty" for Lexie

My "Vintage Dressmaking" pieces

"Vintage Children" for Marg


Doreen G said...

I love the puzzle pieces Debbi and the C/G postcard is great.
I have one of Kates postcards as well-they are great aren't they.

sharon young said...

What a gorgeous post card from Kate North, I love the arctic feel.
And of course you know how much i like your CG PC!!!