Sunday, 16 December 2007

Sunday Underway

Once again I just could not think of a good blog title!

This is my second page in Vicci's square journal - it is water colour paper with multiple layers of stamping and colour washes, another vintage image printed on inkjet fabric and a grungeboard flourish. Because the journal is so thick it was a bit hard to get a good scan of the page - it looks rather crooked but isn't really!

I'm planning on playing some more today with the grungeboard - it is incredibly robust and flexible and takes wet colour very well. I really think this will be one of those products that becomes a staple item for paper artists and not just a fad.

PS In case anyone is interested we had a lovely Christmas party last night - fortunately we all managed to stay warm enough to have a good time! And we have woken today to thunderstorms and rain which feels extremely bizarre considering what the temperatures are normally like at this time of year. Great for the garden!


~*~ Patty said...

Thank you for your inchie comment on my blog. I'm getting very excited about all of the fun challenges out there in blogland. Your star gazing inchies are very nice, such a good effect using three! This piece with your new Grungeboard is stiking, just stunning! I had just had a chance to play with some myself the other day; what will they think of next!! Toys, toys and more toys to tempt us.

sharon young said...

Hi Debbie
I agree with Patty , stunning! I particularly like the swirly flourish on the bottom.
I shall have to investigate the Grungeboard as i've no idea what your talking about, sounds interesting though.
Glad the party went well. We woke up to a thick white frost this morninig, probably about -5 out there!!

Gillian :O) said...

Oh this is sooooo Beautiful Debbi, I'm busting to try some 'grungeboard' myself, lovely to see how you've used it :)

Joanna van said...

Debbie, this is just beautiful. What a great stamp you have with the script.

kelsey said...

Gorgeous page Debbi, a lovely colour and you're right about the Grungeboard!!! It's been selling like hot-cakes in the shop and I did notice your name on the orders the other day. ;-)

The Colourguru said...

ooo this is lovely Debbi AND it's Green - my fav. xK

Jen Crossley said...

Gorgeous Debbi I love the colour