Thursday, 18 October 2007

My Experiments...

So here are my experiments with sun printing. Please allow for the fact that I decided to do this on the spur of the moment yesterday so did minimal preparation! Given all of this I am very happy with the results - I can see that I will be doing this a lot more now that I can see how easy it is!!

The brighter coloured piece was made using a very wet piece of fabric (from a recycled shirt - polyester cotton) and Glass Paint (thickened transparent paint by Pebeo Vitrea 160) and the metal tops off champagne corks (can't imagine how I came by them...). I think this is my favourite because it is brighter. The fabric is a bit stiffer as a result of using Glass Paints (I don't paint glass so why do I have so many colours of glass paint???) but in some ways that makes the cloth all the more manageable for the sort of stuff I do (not wearables or washables!!).

The blue/green piece was Dyna Flow paints and plastic foam shapes on a new piece of very wet but unwashed fabric, presumably a polyester/cotton mix - the sun print is very white under the shapes as a result of their flat surface which virtually adhered to the wet fabric).

The other piece is on the same sort of fabric and is also coloured with Dyna Flow in pink and purple (not so diluted where I added squirts and freehand doodles straight from the bottle) and chipboard shapes create the sun prints.

All very interesting and the three pieces only took about 30 minutes from start to finish except for the drying which probably took a whole extra 10 minutes because it was so hot. I also did the whole exercise outside in the sun which forced me to work very fast. I'll be taking this experimentation further now that I can see how easy it is! All of the pieces will be used for small projects - maybe a notebook cover and postcards and ATCs.

The last two pictures are of my rubbing boards that I am making from leftover dimensional paint and cardboard. They are actually made with very bright shiny paint but the scanning has completely taken out the orange colour and some of the green! I picked paint colours that I figured I wouldn't ever use now that I am not doing little kid's clothes. I am going to use the boards with shiva sticks and fabric to create patterns and texture. The idea comes from a great new Zine "Fibre & Stitch" and has great appeal to me as I have lots of half used dimensional paint! Up until now I have been using it up on backgrounds etc but I also noticed recently that a sort of revival is happening with dimensional paint embellishment of scrapbook pages etc.

Talking of texture boards - I still use the board I made in 2000 from hot glue and cardboard for Julie van Oosten's rust technique. Does anyone else remember this wonderful technique - it is a great way of colouring and texturizing cardstock with Denim and Butterscotch Adirondack Dye Inks???


Barbara said...

I love your sun printings! Gorgeous!

Myra said...

I think your sun prints are fabulous! Seeing yours makes me want to give it a go myself.

Penny said...

Thanks for the comment Debbi I like the sun prints, I hope to have time and sun tomorrow to get some done. I have just bought some of the vitreous paints but not to paint fabric with, well I didnt think so but now maybe, there was an interesting article in something I picked up on using them on metal things like washers and then covering with utee they looked interesting, but where is the article!

Sue B said...

Debbi you got great results with your sun printing, they all look beautiful!

ANDREA said...

Nice sun prints, I like the idea with the glass paints. Do you think I can do sunprints without sun somehow? Or do I have to go to Australia?
I especially love the third one!