Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Fibre Postcards & ATCs

(This is for a trade with Sharon and is another Shiva Oil Stick experiment on a black fabric. It has a deep copper organza fused on top and then it has been machine stitched with metallic and black threads and has some tiny sequins stitched on. The sequins are from Dale at The Thread Studio.)

Today I have had a day's recreation leave to do some personal paperwork that I have been putting off for ages. I have "rewarded" myself by doing it fast and efficiently so that I could also have time to do some creative playing! So far I have finished off some ATCs and had a go at doing some fabric sun prints. They were quite successful for a first attempt so I will take some photos later.

(This is for Andrea and is based on a Lutradur, scrim and lace experiment that I put through the embellisher machine and then painted with umpteen different colours trying to get the right effect! It has tiny holeless beads glued on freeform).

Here are the rest of the ATCs that I have finished today - they are mostly experiments in texture although the one below is using up a piece of the Shiva Stick experiment that I did as a background for a recent postcard exchange.

One of the Lutradur and Lace ATCs (below) is available for trade if anyone is interested???

This is the postcard that I have just received from Sharon - it arrived today and is just beautiful - so delicate and such interesting layers!

I had a great mail day as I also received the first of the "Oh Baby" fabric postcards today - this gorgeous one is from Sue Smith down in Albany. The photo is of her brand new beautiful nephew! It hasn't scanned very well because of all the yummy sparkly bits! Wish you would start a blog Sue!! Once again, I am still working on the finishing touches on my postcards for this exchange but they are nearly done.


Purple Missus said...

Just catching up as usual Debbi.
Some absolutely fabulous work on here as ever.
I particulary love the second postcard down, its wonderful.
Love the way you have put the beads on. Brilliant.

Danielle said...

Oh, I love the copper-toned one - the tiny sequins are perfect.

Can I put my hand up for an ATC? I've got some to trade, and I'd love to see the Lutradur in person.

ANDREA said...

Hi Debbi, these are wonderful, I love the copper tones, the tiny beads in movement, very beautiful!!! I just love those colours, it must be the autumn (I guess you don't have autumn where you live or am I totally ignorant?)
I love your experiments!
(I found an internet store in germany who has these magic sticks:) I think one day I have to try this.
BTW the tag was very much fun, thanks for having tagged me:)

ANDREA said...

P.S. The cards from Sharon and Sue are great, I love the warm colours and the nostalgique touch,
thanks for sharing them with us,

Michelle said...

Beautiful work, Debbi! I enjoyed all the photos. Love the ATCs - together they look like a tryptic (did I spell that right???)
:o) Michelle

audrey h. said...

Debbi.....these are all gorgeous and I love all the beautiful colors you have used. By the way, i just got the newest issue of Somerset Studio and wanted to say 'congrats' for the pieces you have in it. They are so pretty :o)

Dot said...

Hi Debbi..
Found my way to your blog through Julie's and am glad I did! Lots of beautiful eye candy here. Love your ATC's. And the cards from Sharon and Sue are wonderful.

Ev said...

If you have any of those ATC's left I would love to have one. I am having a play with hand needle felting, beads etc so can easily russle you up one of those in trade. Check out my blog later to see what else I have been doing with the needle felting.