Saturday, 20 October 2007

Friday Night's Deco Page

I had a lovely relaxed Friday night at home yesterday - I really love the feeling of Friday nights - the sense of a working week over and done with and all the potential of a weekend ahead! I made the most of it and worked on my pages for Patti Gramza's Octagon Deco. I have finished the first page and am close to finishing the back of it. (PS If you don't already read Patti's blog - have a look at it. She does beautiful stuff and has recently blogged about a wonderful way of displaying all the ATCs she has received).

As a background I have used a beautiful fine patterned and embroidered fabric that I bought last weekend - I bought it in two colourways as it is just so pretty. I have used the pink and green version on this page, but the deeper pink and brown version is lovely too. I stamped some background text and images on the watercolour paper first and then adhered the fabric with fusible webbing. It makes the surface nice and flat and you just get a hint of the stamping behind the fabric. I stitched around the edges and printed out a favourite vintage image on inkjet fabric and then adhered that with fusible webbing as well. The fabric comes with a soft white doodled pattern on it so I accentuated and added to the doodles with white gel pen. I decorated one of my new Collections chipboard key holes as one of the embellishments on the page. It is a really simple page but I wanted to do "pretty". (I seem to be going through a pretty stage at that moment - it all started with the baby postcards - all finally finished).

I have to finish my sets of metallic fabric inchies (63 one inch squares for a group exchange) in the next week or so I thought it might also be interesting to show my backgrounds as they progress. A few posts back I showed the first stage which was the fusible webbing (vliesofix) painted with Lumiere metallic paints. The scan below shows what the various pieces are looking like now.

The purple and gold one has been ironed onto black cotton and that will now be adhered to black felt and then cut up into the inch squares. I plan to add beads and sequins to these ones. The pink gold one (which looks like a rich copper in the scan) has been ironed to felt and then decoratively stitched on the machine with metallic copper thread. I haven't decided what else to do to this yet but it is at the cutting up stage. The pewter one has been stamped with text and then ironed to grey felt and stitched with silver metallic thread. It too is ready to cut up for the next stage.

The bronze one has been stamped with text and ironed to brown felt. Finally the spotty one is just a piece of chiffon type fabric that has metallic gold dots on it and I have fused it to yellow felt and then sprayed it with Moon Shadow Mists to create a darker background. I haven't decided what to do next with these two yet.

So now I am off to do the vacuuming and the laundry so I can do some more fun stuff this afternoon!


Night Owl Designs said...

Debbi, Your octagon page is beautiful, and the baby postcards look gorgeous!

Doreen G said...

Gosh Debbi I don't know how you find the time do create all the things that you do and work as well.

Myra said...

Debbi, I just love looking at your "pretties"! You do such great work. I am looking forward to seeing the finished metallic inchies.

Gunnels blog said...

I like the octagon page very much, and the babypostcard as well. Sometimes you are in a pretty stage, I feel I am in a vintage stage at the moment with my book, but I ordinary use much more texture and colours!

Julie H said...

Those baby postcards are beautiful! What a thrill it would be to receive one of those in the mail.
Can I ask who you swap the postcards through?