Monday, 2 July 2007


First off I am sharing a photo of a beautiful scarf my friend Adam G in Melbourne knitted for me. Not only is it the most beautiful shade of green (a favourite colour of mine!), it is lovely and long and very warm. It also has a lovely long fringe which I think makes a scarf feel really decadent and luxurious. The scarf arrived in the mail last week and today I wore it to work - it passed all scarf tests - it was warm but not itchy (I am allergic to lots of fibres including most wool and a lot of synthetics), it looked great with my black clothes (what I mostly wear) and to top it all off, the lower portion survived - unharmed - the drive to work hanging out of the bottom of the car door (lucky I am only a very short distance from work and I didn't drive through any puddles!).

Note to myself for future reference - check whereabouts of all extraneous extremities before closing the car door. P.S. If you write scarf more than three times in quick succession it looks really really weird by the third one!

And now to a creation of my own - while I grew up in a household (or was it just the era???) where we made clothes and learnt to sew, I am very new to fabric surface embellishment of the experimental type. It has become a real addiction in recent months and I am gradually trying new things and adding to my repertoire. The scan above is of a fabric postcard that I made on the weekend for an exchange with Purple Missus - it is a sandwich of blue felt, random scrap threads and snippets of organza with a layer of blue organza stitched randomly over the top. On the lower half I have then added a pink organza triangle again randomly stitched. I have used a wood burning tool to burn holes in the pink layer and then added sequins and seed beads to embellish it. I have backed it with painted heavy weight lutrador. I love the resulting colours and although I was planning to try a lot more techniques I decided this was enough on this one - plus I didn't want to wreck it by that "one last thing"!

I received the latest Somerset Studio magazine today and found my two tags in the Expressions section - they are coated in beeswax, another addictive technique - I love the smell - maybe because my name (Deborah) is Hebrew for "bee"???? I really love the way they (SS) photograph artwork! On a good news note, I also got a couple of emails late last week to let me know that I have a couple of items in "Sew Somerset", a new biannual publication which comes out in October, so that is a real thrill. Mind you, I got very excited a couple of years back when I was told that a piece I had made using a transfer of a photo of my maternal grandparents was going to be in Somerset Wedding but I don't think it actually got in there as I never heard anymore (and I certainly didn't get a complimentary copy).

So now I am off to attend to domestic stuff (food primarily) and then I am going to "progress" a set of six fabric postcards that I thought were due at the end of July. It turns out I lost a month somewhere along the way. Thankfully I am not alone...


ingeniouslycreative said...

Congratulations Debbie!!!! Can't wait to see your lovely art in print!!! By the way, you won the Free Draw on my blog, so if you want you can send me your address through the email address on my blog. xxxCarol

Jacquelines blog said...

Wow, that's great!!! I haven't seen this magazine before. Is it a must?

Natalie B said...

Great news on the Somerset work Debbi. I am looking forward to my copy arriving in the mail soon. I love your fabric work and most of all your use of colours!!

Carol said...

the postcard is great I am sure Lynda wil love it

Kari said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I've been reading through yours and MY HEAD IS SPINNING! I love all these paper and fabric crafts you are doing! I have a question, however. What does ATC stand for?

I usually look at someone's blog and say "oh, that's pretty - I could probably do that!" when I see a craft they've done, but I don't think I could equal yours. Everything just looks so...perfect!

I'm glad to hear of a success story regarding the patch. I'm having to take oral medication because patches have a tendency to give me a rash. But truthfully, I'd have been willing to take a shot 12 times a day if it would help!!!! Menopause is NOT for the faint of heart (which must be why MEN don't suffer through it.ha).

By the way, I adore that green knitted scarf! Green's my favorite color, too!