Saturday, 7 July 2007

A week in review...

So far this week I have not finished anything but a good book! (Anita Shreve's Body Surfing). I have worked on prepping chipboard with gesso (for a special project for my sister Marrijane), making fabric postcards and ATCs (all unfinished) and experimenting with tissue paper collages (also unfinished), so the photos today are all of works in progress, except for the piece above which is now on display (Just joking!! Read the last bit of this post for explanation!).

The first is of the collection of tissue papers that I used to make the 6 inch square collage background in the photo below. I added liberal sprays of Wild Plum Adirondack Color Wash and now have to decide on the specifics of the next layers of paint and stamped images, given that for this exchange the tissue paper is the focus. Once I am happy with my result I'll make the other five along the same lines.

The next photo is of another sandwich of felt, organza, ribbon and mesh snippets under a layer of organza which has then been free motion stitched. I haven't decided whether to burn holes in this one or just use it as it is for a fabric postcard background. These are so much fun to do, I can see I could get quite addicted to layering fabrics!

The next photo is of the fabric postcards that I started this week - the theme is "fragments". I dyed the fabric (first with coffee, then with rust and then with walnut ink and Color Washes), stamped it with text, stitched organza to very old book pages, cut them up and then stitched them to the fabric/felt sandwich. They didn't look interesting enough so I tried stamping on one (don't like that either so that one will be cut down to ATC size) and I also tried spraying them with Moon Shadow Mist and more Color Washes. Quite like the darker colour but I have decided to just leave these ones for the time being and to try something else in a completely different colourway! That is what I am going to do when I finish this post (I've spent the day so far doing the house cleaning and making the most of the beautiful winter sunshine by hanging out seven loads of washing so far.)

I also just came across this site that helps you turn your own pictures into interesting things - so here is the fabric postcard from my last post gone circular and at the top of this post, a fabric postcard now on display as large format art! If you haven't tried it you should - it's good fun.


Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Debbi, I think the postcards are looking great, especially with the stamping, I like that colour!! So please don't cut them!

Jane P said...

I just love this website- thanks for the info, and I just love looking at your wonderful work