Sunday, 22 July 2007

Artwords - Curl (& Harry Potter)

Artwords theme this week was "Curl" and this is my submission - referring of course to the curl of the lips! I love these shades of blue and I am finding I use more paint more and more these days along with canvas boards. The background text stamp is a favourite Non Sequitur image.

As you can see from the photo my son Zach did not appreciate me snapping this shot and I will of course be in big trouble if he sees this (fortunately he doesn't read my blog although he does occasionally look over my shoulder!). Yesterday the long awaited last Harry Potter book was released so as soon as Zach got home from his weekend job at Target at 1pm, he dragged all his bedding onto the couch (it was cold and wet here), made sure chocolates and a drink were handy and spent the next eight hours devouring the book. My job of course was to ensure adequate nourishment was periodically delivered. At 9pm Zach announced that it was an awesome read with some very intricate weaving of plots. He loved it! Now he will undertake the next read of the book which will be a nice slow read to savour all the details. There are some advantages to being able to read fast as he now won't have the ending ruined by anybody telling him before he finished!

The zipper pull in this photo was a present my sister Marrijane bought for me when she holidayed in Alaska recently (something about that place makes it seem to me to be so far away, which it is of course from Australia, but it sounds further than saying the US or Canada I think). I love it and I am thinking of making a zippered purse for my art pens just so it can be used in a way where I will see it a lot.

These two beautiful items (a shabby chic corsage and a sweet little felted brooch) were made by Carol (over by the Irish Sea) and accompanied some recent purchases I made from her Ebay store. It was a lovely surprise to receive such delightful "extras" and Carol's packaging and wrapping are just gorgeous - it felt like Christmas undoing them all.

Now to get back to all my works in progress from yesterday - I have several that should be dry and ready for the next step.


Jen Crossley said...

Love your curl piece Debbi as always you work is always so inspiring.Has your son finished the book yet ???

Kari said...

Zach and I are exactly the same when it comes to reading Harry Potter! We went to the bookstore Friday night for the "Release Party", we were probably about the 20th ones to purchase the book - and it was a MADHOUSE - and I started reading the book on the drive home. We bought 2 copies - one for me and one for my boys. Then yesterday afternoon, we picked up my oldest son from the airport and he gets off the plane carrying yet another Harry Potter 7 book! We looked so funny - 4 people with 3 HP books amongst us! I've finished my first read thru - now that I know what all has happened, I'm going to go back, take my time and read it again. (Tell Zach I'm with him - I loved it, too!!!)