Saturday, 21 July 2007

Saturday (yet another imaginative title!)

The leaf earrings in the photo are made by the talented France and were purchased this week from her Etsy store. I've used France's Etsy photo because it is so much better than the one I took. They arrived yesterday and I just love them!

Other purchases I've made recently but which haven't arrived as yet are some packets of white and black Misty Fuse from Catherine's Place and some ribbons and mini ric rac from Really Just Ribbons, so hopefully they will arrive early in the week as I need them for a couple of projects. I haven't used teh Misty Fuse before but I have read so much about it I have to try it! (and yes, Mum I will send you some as I know you will want to try it too!!)

I have two pieces in the latest Stamping & Papercraft Magazine which arrived here during the week - they were based around a Crafty Individuals stamp of two boys. The requirement was to demonstrate different ways the stamp could be used and it was interesting to see the variety of results the five participants came up with. I like all the pieces but especially love Jenny Crossley's shadow box - her work is so individual and so special!

I wanted to use the stamp on fabric so after stamping and stenciling on a piece of lightweight cotton, I backed the fabric with lutrador which I had painted - I really love this stuff, especially the heavy-weight white one. I backed it with a piece of the much lighter pink metallic lutrador which is marketed by Pellon as rainbowSPUN. I am trying to loosen up style-wise so this piece was a bit of an experiment for me and I really had to force myself not to keep everything rectangular, neat and tidy!

On my other piece I used my Making Memories Tag Maker which has been a rather under-utilised purchase. I love it and I am not sure why I don't think to use it more often as it makes great little metal rimmed tags. This time I didn't fight my natural style...

I am so glad it is the weekend - I am dying to do something creative! I have plans to do lots of different things and as it is a grey and somewhat wet day here I won't have too many distractions (other than a nice afternoon nap, maybe?).


Night Owl Designs said...

Congrats on your pieces in S&P, Debbi!

Judy said...

Congrats on your successful subs Debbie. I have to say that tag maker has only been used once by me - a friend bought it for me. I adore the piece you did with it. Does your talent ever end - you come up with such gorgeous pieces and so often. you are certainly inspirational to me.

Jen Crossley said...

I loved your pieces in Stamping and papercraft,you always amaze me

Sue Smith said...

Great to see you putting lutrador to such a gorgeous use! Loved both pieces,Debbi.

Peggy said...

The collage is very lovely.I love the color and materials.