Tuesday, 12 June 2007

A Wonderful Tree

I know this will seem a bit out of the blue, but when I was in Perth two weeks ago I took a quick photo of this wonderful tree outside the offices of some people I was meeting with. The texture of the paperbark was just too incredible to ignore. As a result of some of the reading I am doing I am becoming a lot more interested in recognising that surface design inspirations can come from the images in my life and everyday environment. This was not an everyday image for me but it was certainly one I took the time to notice!

Tonight I was going to make the base of some more inchies so that I could bead and embroider them when I am at Annie's tomorrow night, but after dinner (and a wonderful Andre Rieu in Dublin DVD) we decided on the spur of the moment to go through some of Joseph's slides from New Guinea in the period 1966 to 1973. Fascinating pictures and lots of colourful inspiration. To set up the slide projector we of course had to move the metres of no-knit scarf yarns and fibres that are decorating the lounge room at present (and Mum, if you read this tomorrow, I am just teasing!).

Blog posts look so lonely without pretty pictures so tonight's artwork is of some pieces I have previously made. The first is a page I made for a friend's deco - I used a floral print tulle over the page to get the soft effect and then added beading and a hand stitched edge. The second one i s a simple journal cover I made for a young friend. I need to remind myself that I often find a simple "look" very attractive and that I need to do them more!


Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Debbi, how funny I just made some ATC's the same way as your page with print tulle. It is not a flower print though and they are not finished yet....

Julie H said...

What a beautiful tree! I do so understand the urge to capture it.