Monday, 11 June 2007

More Fabric Inchies

I just love Sundays!

The day started off pretty overcast and dismal looking but by lunchtime we had a lovely sunny winter's day. Crisp and cool but sunny. Perfect for eating lunch outside (which we did). Joseph's beloved Dockers had a win, Zach's soccer team won against a team that "killed" them last time, Mum made great progress with her sample version for the No-Knit scarf (it is the first time either of us have used soluble webbing and it really is amazing stuff!) and I got my cards made and just have the instructions to type up.

I completed a few more sets of my blue fabric inchies and even managed to do some more hand quilting on Mum's birdhouse quilt. I can see that if I stick at it over the next week she will (finally!) be able to take it with her when she goes home. The scan of my inchies is not brilliant as the beading means they don't lie very flat on the scanner. The glittery bits and the iridescence don't show up very well unfortunately. Joseph made us all lovely Madras and vegetable curries with basmati rice and Garlic Chappatis for dinner so all in all it was a great day.

Back to work today of course but the sun is shining and it looks as though it will be another beautiful day here.


Jas said...

I like the bottom inchies best! (Mind you I'm sure you would ahve guessed that anyways)
Nan sounds like she's having fun with the no knit scarves..I'll be interestedto see what it turns out like. Meanwhilst... we aren't tlking about the quilt you started when josh or was it zac was born are we???
Keep Smiling :)
Love Jas.

Barbara said...

A bit of this and a bit of that..You work and work and all things are wonderful!

Purple Missus said...

Your blue inchies are wonderful. They are very addictive aren't they?