Thursday, 14 June 2007

Such a Great Mail Day!

We had a great night at Annie's last night - she has invested in several new and very inspiring books which we all avidly perused and added to our future buy lists! (Dale's Surface Tension, Fabric Leftovers, Fabric Journals etc etc). I did also work on the next set of inchies as evidenced above but mostly I talked and looked at books and ate Tim Tams.

I had a sleepless night (worrying about certain aspects of a new role I am about to take on at work I think) and felt pretty yuck all day really. Things improved immeasurably however when I got home tonight and saw my mail - I had received Fiona's Heart Shaped Book which I will be working on this weekend, the latest Stamper's Sampler (and congratulations to my gorgeous friend Sue Smith in Albany who has a whole wonderful page in there on her first go with this great publication - I have scanned the page above but the left side is a bit "pruned" unfortunately) and my copy of Gina's Artful Purpose Zine (the cover of which is also scanned below - I just love that cover!).

Now I am off to work on my Wednesday Stamper submission for this week - this time I am doing it early in the week!

P.S. Funny story of the goings on in this house of ours - this morning after the rest of us had left the house for work and school, my darling Mum mistook the garlic flakes in the pantry for flaked almonds and added them to her morning cereal! Can you imagine how gross WeetBix would taste with garlic flavoured milk, even if you have also added sultanas!! Mum has forbidden me from sharing this little "event" but I know you will want to sympathise with her - it is just me that finds this hilarious! What's more she didn't tell me until I asked her what on earth she had eaten for lunch that made her was so "garlicky"!!

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Natalie B said...

Hi Debbi. Thanks for sharing that story with your mum and her breakfast cereal. I think we've all done 'things' like that before. WEll I know I have!!

Can you give me your opinion on the new zine? Cheers Nat