Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Tonight & Artwords (Botanical)

I've just got home from a night of stamping (a bit) and chatting (a lot) with my stamping friends Annie and Narelle. I was playing with the latest Oxford Impressions stamps (Bird's Nest), Annie was making a cute little purse notebook a la Cloth Paper Scissors (Issue 9) and Narelle was making lots of cards (she can stamp and talk at the same time, a skill that was not shared by the rest of the table!). It was fun and we talked about lots of products and techniques and things we are all going to try. Next week we are going to do a little canvas art workshop together so I can be sure I'll have something to show at the end of the evening.

Last night I finished my first paper fabric quilt (other than working out what I am going to use to hang it up) so I'll photograph it tomorrow and share it. I am pleased with it considering it was a learning experience. I certainly have a list of things I would do differently next time but it isn't too bad for a first effort. After seeing the article in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors, I now want to try that sort as well - much more like a real quilt in appearance.

The photo at the top is of a page is my entry for Artwords this week - the theme is Botanical. This is a stamped card that I painted with those delicious little pots of Radiant Pearls. This is my first go at participating in Artwords and although I didn't make this card especially for this topic prompt, my plan is to use the theme each week to try something different in future - or at least some weeks!


Natalie B said...

Beautiful Debbi, lovely and soft and feminine looking. I'm sure it looks more 'radiant' in real life too.

Night Owl Designs said...
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Night Owl Designs said...

Just lovelt Debbie! You've coloured it beautifully :o)