Tuesday, 1 May 2007

On my lunch break

I'm not sure what is going on with blogger lately but I am suddenly having lots of trouble loading photos - the functionality just disappears for hours on end. This was the case again last night so no post because it just doesn't feel right without photos!

Anyway, I am on my lunch break now and I have come home to find that the three poor little roses that were on my rose bushes yesterday (unseasonal but much appreciated blooms!) have been obliterated by the howling dusty winds that have been blowing all night and this morning. This photo was taken in January I think and is what our front fence looks like when the roses are blooming (and there is no awful wind). As an aside, the red house next door has been repainted by the new owners since this photo was taken, as has the deep purple fence which I edited out of the photo!

Last night I was lost in my new Cloth Paper Scissors (I just love this magazine) so didn't get anything much else done creatively. Zach is off on a school retreat for the rest of the week so no doubt the next three evenings will be more productive. My stars for today "said" that I should not worry so much about productivity - made me laugh out loud as I always worry about that!

These scans are of the front and back of another page I did in Ann's Metal Journal for the exchange a couple of years ago. The backgrounds are sponge painted with Lumieres - the olive green is a favourite colour and I think it goes beautifully with copper. I love windows and peep holes in journals and altered books and I am thinking it would be fun to do with art quilts as well. I love Jo's recent quiltie where she included gorgeous little metal doors. Have a look if you haven't already - it is really nice.

So now it is time to go back to work. One huge advantage of living and working in a small town is being able to come home for lunch!

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