Thursday, 3 May 2007

My First Paper Fabric Quilt

I am attracting some bad karma for some reason - I logged on yesterday to find that all of my recently re-established favourites have gone again! And I know this time (for sure) that I didn't delete them. Then I went to load my "little bit shiny/little bit blurry" photo of my first paper fabric quilt, which I have just finished and which I am very happy with as a first effort, and blogger would not cooperate again.

Hmmm - I need to be replacing my current thoughts (throw the computer into the swimming pool/pull the connection out of the wall/give up on the electronic age altogether etc etc) with something a little more zen. So I went to bed and read - meaning savoured! - some more of my CPS. I am trying to make it last seeing as the latest Somerset Studio hasn't arrived here yet.

Anyway this morning I can load photos again, so here is the not so good photo of my paper fabric quilt. I'll post about some of the "lessons learnt" in making this tonight or tomorrow.

An old friend of Joseph's arrived yesterday afternoon from interstate and will be staying with us for a few days. Their friendship started in the 60s when they were both very young and travelling to England as part of the Aussie pilgrimage that many did and still do. As I have only been in Joseph's life for the last 24 years and as they have lived most of their lives in different parts of Australia, I have only met this friend once before about 15 years ago. I see an interesting weekend ahead with lots of reminiscences!


Natalie B said...

Gorgeous!! Would love to know any tips, techs etc when you get a chance....Def don't give up the computer, as then we would not be able to view your lovely work as often as we do.... COmputers, can't live with them, can't live without them! Got your canvas today!!! THANK YOU so much. I love beeswax and I love what you have done with this collage. I'm just going to blog about it right now. Hugs to you Natxx

Night Owl Designs said...

So pretty! I love the little dress form.

Jen Crossley said...

Just stunning Debbi I so love your work.Yes the computer is a challenge!!! not always good Im glad you got it too work.Loved your piece in Somerset gorgeous as always

Jo Wholohan said...

This is gorgeous Deb!!!!! Loving this idea too!!! Well anything Beryl is does is devine!!! You are blogging up a storm girl hehe

Purple Missus said...

Wow, this is amazing Debbi. I love anything vintage looking and I have a real passion too for tailors dummies! This is fabulous. Well done.