Sunday, 22 April 2007

Where did the weekend go?

So, here we are and it is late Sunday afternoon! I knew the weekend would go fast preparing for and having the garage sale but wow, it has gone even faster than I expected. The sale went well and was worth doing - the proceeds will cover a new set of drawers for my son Zach and a large bookcase for myself as I have decided I am sick and tired of not having enough book cases in this house. We are all readers and of course I want to keep a lot of my stamping and quilting magazines as well as books, so the solution is simple - buy more! And I have created enough space by selling old sets of drawers and a dressing table. I even have cupboard space now - what bliss...

I have done NOTHING creative yet so tonight I am not going to read blogs so I can go and finish some things that need to be mailed tomorrow. I am taking a couple of days recreation leave later this week between the Anzac Day Public Holiday on Wednesday and the weekend so I will have 5 whole days in which to be creative (and to clean the house of course, seeing as it only got a vacuum yesterday!) Can't wait, I am going to immerse myself - I need to work on my alphabet tags, my paper fabric quilt, my one on one canvas swap, my new shape book round robin, my Oxford Impressions Bird's Nest samples etc etc. I'll make a tray of yummy brownies to keep Joseph and Zach happy - stomachs seem to be the biggest issue around here a lot of the time.

In this house Joseph and I share the cooking and last night Joseph made a delicious Italian fish dish accompanied by a wonderful vegetable risotto and for tonight he has made another Italian dish - a beef and spinach "pie" - layers of macaroni, the meat sauce with capers, olives and tomatoes, topped by a spinach, ricotta, sour cream and mozzarella layer. Looks fantastic and is making me feel hungry already and it is only 5pm! It will go great with a lovely glass of soft red wine and some crusty Italian bread.

I have uploaded scans of my pages in the Pink Colour Journal Exchange I participated in with a bunch of great Australian paper artists - I don't do much pink but I am getting more and more comfortable with it, especially after reading the delectable blog by Posy! Have a read - her house and pursuits are so pretty (and so far removed from my red dusty living /mining environment here in Kalgoorlie)!

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Judy said...

Congrats on the sale - glad it went well. All my books are in boxes still from my move, I can't stand it but need to invest in some shelves as well. Dinner sounds yum!!! I adore those Oxford Impressions stamps. I did not realise you were on their design team Debbie, thats so marvellous - good on you. Can't wait to see what you create over the 5 days, but make sure you relax too. By the way, I am not good with pink, it would be the last colour I would use for anything really - just not my scene.
Have a good break.