Thursday, 19 April 2007

I love mail!

And yesterday I had a great mail day - the latest beautiful Oxford Impressions plate of unmounted stamps (I love bird images and this plate has a great range of bird associated images as you would expect given the title "The Bird's Nest"!), three stitching/fabric books I bought very cheaply on ebay, 100 plus metres of thin silk ribbon, also from ebay, and my canvas piece back from Somerset Studio. I know it sounds silly but I always like getting magazine pieces back- it is like a surprise gift as there is usually such a gap between sending them and getting them back that I can barely remember them until I see them again!

So, I have had a quick flick through my new books (lots of ideas there I'll be trying) and cut up my new stamps ready to try tonight. I bought the white silk ribbon in a couple of widths as I want to experiment dyeing some for inclusion on my art quilts and fabric postcards.

Last night I caught up with a couple of lovely Kalgoorlie stamping friends and we "played" with serviette/napkin art. It is one of my major loves so I wanted them to try it too. A lovely relaxing evening creating and chatting.

For a bit of variety I have uploaded a photo of a faux metal page I did in a colour journal exchange some time ago - I have been trolling through my photos to remind myself of past work and to encourage me to go back to some of my favourite techniques that I have been overlooking of late! I love the Green Pepper Press stamps that I used for the background - I really must dig them out too as I have been ignoring them a bit of late and they are just so versatile. I think they would look great on a fabric postcard. Ciao for now...


Jacquelines blog said...

The metal page look so great! Beautifull colours you can find in metals. WOW!

Dianne said...

Brillaint piece here, I wonder if you have where you live, metal food tubes example tomatoe paste, crushed garlic.. We don't have them in Canada but I grab a few every time I'm in England.. The metal is an old gold color and you can even sew through it.. I love the look...

Dawnie said...

Im just loving popping to see your Artwork Debbie.
You are an inspiration.

Thanks for sharing

Dawn Thomas

Jen Crossley said...

Debbi the faux metal looks wonderful I really love it.
love your kind of mail day as well cant wait to see what you make with the new books for inspiration