Thursday, 12 April 2007

Some Cowgirl Cards

We had a lovely day yesterday - we broke out of our work day patterns seeing it was Joseph's birthday and met for a very nice lunch at the Tower Hotel (how it gets to be called a tower when it is only a single storey building is beyond me, but this is Kalgoorlie and I think the tallest building, which is a hotel, is only 5 stories). I also had a lovely little phone chat with my sister Kathryn and that always makes me happy :)

Last night I worked on some Oxford Impressions Cowgirl Blues pieces. The images are quite different from anything I normally work with but are proving to be a lot of fun. It is nice to be working with lots of colour. It is good to break patterns, n'est-ce pas? (Having only some schoolgirl French from some decades back I was going to just guess this phrase - as c'est na pas? - but then I got nervous and checked it on a translation site which was just as well!)

Now I'm off to collect Zach from soccer training and then I plan to do some more stamping. Funny to think it is Friday tomorrow - a four day work week really goes fast!


Natalie B said...

Lovely, colourful work Debbi. Hope to see these on the OI website (maybe??). Always enjoy your work :-) Nat

Jen Crossley said...

These are very cool Debbi I love the colours,I LOVE cow girl stuff