Friday, 13 April 2007

Lucky Me - Gifts from Natalie!

Wow did I have a great mail day today! Natalie sent me a great sheet of Stampington Clearly Impressed stamps (a prize from her blog) AND her beautiful "Here is the Key" canvas, as recently featured on her blog. I have a real thing for keys and house shapes Natalie, so I am rapt. There is a lot of wonderful detail in the background - very Misty Mawn. Thank you so much.

The stamps are all a great size for ATCs and I haven't been making many lately so I can see that I will have to make some this weekend. The stamps include both the word "love" and a heart and I am just about to start making my alphabet tags for a swap and they will be perfect for my design - I have the letter "U". We have to include a heart somewhere in our design and this image is ideal as it is really pretty and not too big. Kismet is a wonderful thing.

Other plans for this weekend - besides the usual obvious "must do" domestic tasks - include going through several cupboards for a garage sale that I am having shortly, listing some stuff on ebay, and doing some art. I must get started on those alphabet tags but I also want to work on a small art quilt that I am making from paper "fabric" a la Beryl Taylor. Probably need two weekends in a row with no work week in between - I'd like Easter again, it was just so nice to have four whole days.

And to finish, here is a recent photo I took of the moon in the dusk sky. It was really beautiful - I love the soft light at dusk.


Judy said...

Hiya Debbie,
I just recieved the Beryl taylor book today and was having a good look at it -she is so talented.
Great photo - dusk is my favourite time of day - it's so peaceful and romantic - to me at least. Have a nice weekend.

Natalie B said...

Glad you liked the canvas Debbi and also that you will make good use of those stamps. I'm afraid they were severly neglected in this house.... have a creative weekend :-) Natalie