Wednesday, 11 April 2007

In Celebration of Love

Last night I finished (or at least I think it is finished!) a canvas piece for a young couple whose wedding we recently attended. I didn't want to buy a wedding card and I so rarely make cards now that I got stuck even trying to come up with a decent idea for one, so I decided to do a canvas. I started it before the wedding and was only using shades of white and cream but after the wedding I decided to use the wedding theme colours of white, purple and gold. I tried to be a bit "looser" in my style and used lots of layers that were eventually largely obscured. I have trouble with this as I keep thinking - "but it is such a lovely piece of lace paper, I want to be able to see it..." or variations on this theme. The heart is formed freestyle using texture paste - I think I might have been a bit heavy-handed with the gold leafing but I have trouble controlling that stuff. I seem to have a lot of it all over my room as well - gosh, it blows around a lot!!

Today is my husband Joseph's birthday so we are "doing lunch" as a little celebration. He is off to Wiluna tomorrow morning for a few days (for work obviously - I don't think too many people would drive for five hours to get to Wiluna just for fun!) so lunch seemed a better idea than dinner. Breaks up the work day as well, not that I am already looking forward to the weekend (much).


Natalie B said...

Wow that is super lovely!! I am SURE that the newly married couple will love this gorgeous canvas. Natalie

Marie C said...

Looks fab - love all your white layers, and gold doesn't look overdone at all! :)

Jo Wholohan said...

The is fab Debbie!!! Love the textured paste heart, wonderful!!!
What sort of textured paste do you use??