Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter Monday & An Autumn Clean-out!

I know it is spring when you are supposed to be sufficiently motivated to give your house a very thorough clean out but I had the urge today. Obviously in one day I did not get everything done but it feels good to have made as much progress as I did. As a result I did not, however, get any time to be creative so I am hoping to find some time for that this evening.

The photo above is another of my art quilts from last year. This one was for Danielle. Her theme was "Elements" and while she didn't have many restrictions, the quilts were to be linked together accordion style within the most wonderful quilted book wrap that Danielle made. I wanted to represent the elements of fire, water, earth and air in my quilt and used half diamonds to emphasize their interconnectedness. I chose fabric and surface embellishment to fit with each element. Design-wise it is a very simple quilt. The surface embellishment ranged from silk paper, hot fix angelina fibres and foil (fire), burned back tulle and square sequins (water), washers and other metal bits (earth) and random tiny gold stitches (air).

Back to work tomorrow but at least it is only 4 days to the weekend!


Dianne said...

this quilt is really lovely and it really does the elements justice. the leaf postcard very nice soft and suttle. The one inside is just fabulous..
Hope you had a really great easter weekend...

Marie C said...

Hi Debbie - great to meet you at the retreat, and thanks for visiting my site - now I can see your wonderful fibre work and it's all so stunning!

Barbara said...

beautiful work!! will visit again!! Greetings Barbara