Sunday, 8 April 2007

Serenity Fabric Postcards & Another Little Art Quilt

Pictured above is one of my "Serenity" fabric postcards. I wish now that I had stamped some text on the background fabric to add a bit more depth, but other than that I am happy with them. The theme lent itself to a simple design I think. They don't show up very well in the scan but there are little clear beads sewn on the main vein on the leaves. Feeling quite pleased with myself as these were not due until the end of April.

Finishing these early will give me a bit more time for the 26 alphabet tags I have to make for a collaborative project I have been invited to join. I don't "know" anyone else that is participating other than my online friend Sue in the US who is the reason I am included! It is a truly international exchange with a lot of artists from European countries as well, so I am busy reading a whole pile of new blogs to get to know everyone.

I have the letter "U" and I am currently playing with various ideas. Whatever I decide on has to be do-able in terms of having enough supplies to make 26 plus extras (in case of stuff-ups!) and be something I can bear doing 26 plus times. I hate repetition and generally end up hating whatever stamps and/or papers I use on these sorts of numerically large projects. The end product of course makes it worthwhile!

I have also discovered this morning that despite having boxes of bulk tags, I don't actually have the required size so I won't be progressing beyond the planning stage until I get to a stationery shop on Tuesday.

The photo here is another of the quilts from the 2006 exchange. This one was for Stephanie. Her theme was "Inside" and as she is constructing a box, we each made a panel in the specified size. The panel had to include some sort of window or door or peephole. When the box is constructed the panels will connect at the top through eyelets.

My "Inner Desires" quilt was based on green and purple silk "paper" I made. I stamped on it (music and text images) and while it was machine quilted for strength, I also added lace as an edging and sewed beads on it. It was fiddly creating the window and getting a finished edge around it. I used large mesh screening and a photo on cardstock behind the window.

Ciao for now...


Natalie B said...

Once again Deb gorgeous work. I have to admit to never having tried any fabric work as yet. I have to get a sewing machine first :-) Cheers Nat

Jen Crossley said...

Your work is amazing Debbi,you have a real gift with Fabric