Monday, 12 March 2007

Trades from the Art Retreat

I've run out of time tonight so thought I would just share some eye candy. Today was the first day back at work after a fortnight's wonderful holiday and I am trying (desperately) to hold onto that holiday feeling. Here are the trades from 8 wonderful women at the Art Retreat that I attended in Fremantle just over a week ago - I didn't get mine done before the Retreat so will be sending them on this week.

In order starting from the top left and proceeding then in rows from left to right, the trading cards are from Julian Buttenshaw, Gale Wickes, Marie Cifuentes, Jhodi Bennett, Kelsey O'Mullane, Heather Crossley,Kathy Thompson & Marg Bryne. Thanks again to you all!

1 comment:

Dianne said...

Hello Debbie
They all are beautful, I have quite a few other have made.
I love to receive art from other artist, there is no better feeling to me..