Sunday, 11 March 2007

Some Scans of Recent Creations & Experiments

I haven't let anyone know just yet about this blog of mine - I feel as though it needs to have more content first!

So here are some scans of recent creations and experiments - two are pieces I made in Dale Rollerson's Frescos and Fragments Workshop last Sunday at the Art Retreat. I am sure that I will be using the techniques a lot - the bigger one is just a background piece and is the reason I am now in love with Adirondak Color Washes!

This week I have also been playing with Lutrador (painting it mostly ready for further experimentation), dyeing/painting fabric, making more fresco backgrounds (only partially completed as I have run out of black webbing spray and can't find any locally unfortunately) and also trying Beryl Taylor's fabric paper technique from her gorgeous book Mixed-Media Explorations. These are my first two experiments with the fabric paper - both just a little (!) over the top colour-wise. It will be fun to chop them up and use them like fabric.


Sue McGettigan said...

Those backgrounds look great Debbi, glad the Art Retreat fired you up - it's great to come away from an event like that full of new ideas and enthusiasm.

Jo Wholohan said...

Beautiful work debbi!!! they all look so yummy :)

downunderdale said...

good to see you have joined the world of whacky bloggers, Debbi - look forward to seeing wonderful things - cheers

littledawnieno1 said...

This is Yummy Debbie.You make me want some of those colour washes now.
Wonderful eye candy.

Dawn Thomas

Jen Crossley said...

Love the backgrounds especially the greenish one at the bottom

beryl taylor said...

Hi Debbie
Meant to write sooner but don't seem to be around for long enough. Glad to see someone being so prolific,samples look great,well done.Maybe one day I'll get to blog.