Saturday, 10 March 2007

Well I have joined the world of bloggers!

OK, I know I said I probably wouldn't ever have the time to blog (too busy reading other blogs!) but the time has come. I want to be able to share my art and my life and to connect with like- minded people.

A lot of my motivation to create this blog comes from the experience I had last weekend at Artistic Journey's Art Retreat in Fremantle. It was a wonderful event and provided me with heaps of inspiration. 2006 was an "off" year for me creatively and taking workshops with Nina Bagley, Lesley Riley and Dale Rollerson has reignited my urge to immerse myself again in paper, fabric, canvas, paint, transfers, etc etc... I met lots of people, caught up with art friends that I rarely see and made a new friend (hi Sue!). In short, it was a very special time.

I have also just been invited to join an international exchange and nearly everyone else that is involved has either a website or blog where others can see their art so I thought I had better "lift my game".


rita said...

Good morning, just took a look at your new blog, very nicely done easy to read,great pictures ,off to start my own, thanks for putting it out there for us to see Rita

Sue McGettigan said...

Yahoo - Debbi's a blogger!! :)

Dianne said...

Welcome to the blog world, you sound so sweet and have beautiful eyes..
I really like you work, colors are beautiful..
Sharing is a great thing, and blogging keeps you creating..
I have you in group blog so I'll be checking... I admitt I'm a blogaholic:):)

Natalie B said...

Hi Debbi!! Waving at you from Tom Price now!! Glad to hear you had a great time at the Retreat. Love the fact you have a blog, as love to see your work.... big hugs Natalie Briney xx

Jen Crossley said...

Welcome to the world of blogging debbi hoorah !!