Wednesday, 14 March 2007


This is a favourite stamp of mine - it is from the Oxford Impressions plate "School Days".
It is such a good size - ideal for ATCs of course but versatile!

Today was a long day at work but I have managed to get my return trades completed for the lovely ladies that were willing to do "delayed" trades with me at the Art Retreat. They are all slight variations on this one, a combination of stamping, tissue, stitching and chalk inks -

I received a recent small ebay purchase today in the mail . It was a bit of a mixture - some small sheets of metal mesh, bingo cards and markers, printed twill, mini charm frame etc. I love little "surprises" that get to my mailbox quicker than expected! Can't wait to use them but I have promised myself that I will finish my Pocketbook of Dreams from the Nina Bagley workshop I did at the Art Retreat. I have been oxidising all my copper bits and pieces to use on the book and I like the way it is coming together. Looks completely different of course to Nina's book but that makes it more personal. Wish I had her "touch" when it comes to incorporating sticks and stones...I'll share some pictures when I get it finished.


Natalie B said...

Gorgeous Debbi!! Love your work as always.. Natalie B

Dianne said...

These pieces are wonderful, I too love that stamp and it looks great on your art..

Jen Crossley said...

Hi Debbi
So glad I just found your blog hoorah !!!!
I have loved your work for a Long time, now I get to catch up on what you are doing when ever I want

Judy said...

Looks great. What are you oxidizng with - did you manage to locate the elusive liver of sulphur? Good luck with finishing the book, mine is still untouched, no time to complete it yet. Can't wait to see it finished.

Debbi B said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! I had visited yours (I forget whose link I followed!) and saw the slideshow so learnt how to create my own. Nothing like a bit of inspiration to get me to learn something new. So thanks for that.

While I love the tarnished metal look that Nina uses, I have a real love of the green patina on copper so I have been using my Langridge Oxidising Patina (bought in Melbourne from St Luke's) to oxidise all my copper bits that I am preparing for use in my Pocketbook. I have bought Lime Sulphur to try for the tarnished look but haven't had time to pursue that as I am back at work :(

Hope you get your Pocketbook completed - I'm working on mine this weekend (I have promised myself).

Ciao, Deb