Sunday, 18 September 2011

Something Different...

Well so much for my intention to do some catch-up posts a fortnight ago!  Time really seems to be flying by this year - I really can't believe we are only a little over three months away from Christmas.

This painting is something completely different for me.  I painted it on my weekend in Denmark recently with my wonderful friends Sue Smith and Jhodi Bennett.  We were sharing some inspiration and different techniques and Jhodi got us to paint on big wood panels using what I call a grunge-y technique - lots of bright colours, scribbles and handwriting covered with white paint scraped over the top, and stencilling and splashing and dripping and sponging and sanding back.  Although I love "loose" and "messy" techniques in other people's artwork I am not naturally comfortable actually doing it myself, so this really was a stretch for me.  

I loved it though and I think it was because I saw it as "play" - I had no expectations and no feelings that it would matter if I didn't like the result.  It was a damp weekend in the bush weather-wise so this has had ants crawling on it and rain drops land on it when I didn't get back outside quick enough when the weather changed!  I can't wait to do more - probably smaller pieces though as it will be a bit easier for me to work on inside - the wood is such a lovely firm surface and I love the idea of being able to hammer in nails and add texture without worrying about the impact on a canvas.

Next post I'll share the results of the little hanging houses swap that I really hosted - they are so cute!


Shells said...

It looks great!!!

Kasha Rolley said...

I love it Debbi, well done. But pardon my ignorance - you didnt go to Denmark in Europe, did you?

Gretz said...

It's REALLY beautiful Deb.

Everytime you mention Denmark I imagine you dropping in on Mary and Fred. I had no idea that there was a Denmark in Australia until your post!

Leanne Fry said...

Hi there gorgeous,
I just LOVE this piece you have in your latest post. You are such a brave and inspiring girl...I know how this would have stretched your boundaries. Painting on wood is one of my favourites different to canvas or board hey. So glad you got to have some creative play time with friends in our beautiful part of the world..hugs from Leanne xo