Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Mixed Media Exchange

My houses for the swap
I recently hosted a mixed-media "hanging houses" exchange on the Aus_ArtSisters group following the wonderful results from earlier heart and bird exchanges.  We had eleven participants in total and we all ended up with one of each of the other participants houses, all of which were quite different in style, material and embellishment!  My dining table looked rather glorious while I was sorting all of the 120+ houses that had arrived here.  

The photo at the top is a group shot of the fronts of the houses I made.  I wanted to do "bright and cheerful" and decided to decorate them all differently (reduces the boredom factor!) and then I personalised the backs with the recipients name etc.  The hearts on the front are blanket stitched felt for a bit of textural contrast.  

And here are my houses from the other ten participants (not all have blogs unfortunately) - 
aren't they all wonderful? 

Sue Smith's "tea" house
Margaret Cullen-Erickson's house
Lucy Leatham's "bird" house
Judy Timmins house
Bevlea Ross' house
Celeste Santin's house
Jacky Williams' house
Vanessa Henry's house
Kasha Rolley's house
Gaye Todd's house
And now of course I must find somewhere lovely to hang them all! 


Jenxo said...

oh wow Debbi, i love yours and all the others too, what a fantabulous swap...

Kasha Rolley said...

I oicked Debbi, couldnt wait, I am not as tough as you. I so hope they will arrive here on Monday, I cant wait.

One Creative Soul Studio said...

I love the tags!! How fabulous they all are. I would SO love to play next time you have a topic, if I may. Great Blog!

Barb said...

What a wonderful housing estate they will make...all lined up. Awesome art ladies!

Jodene said...

These are gorgeous Deb!!